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Our app is designed to build a powerful and fortified fitness community that bridges all walks of life with those who desire to make healthy living the status quo and the ultimate symbol of success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to connect people seeking to improve their body, their confidence, and achieve peak physical health with professional coaches, professionals, and gyms who live and breathe to help others and thrive in doing so.

Our Values

Our values are layered in core principles that are fundamental to who we are. Trust is our foundation, whereby we aim to gain the credibility of our clients and customers through superior service, innovative solutions, and connecting others to achieve their purpose and passion. The essential elements that support this are highlighted in the essence of our brand KONNETIC. Kindness, Optimism, Nirvana, Nobility, Energy, Teamwork, Inspiration, and Compassion is what defines us and what we commit to delivering every day.

Our Purpose

Konnectic is an application designed to be the ultimate hub for anything fitness. Konnetic was created with one fundamental purpose: to connect catalysts of change and transformation together.

A Message From The Founder - Pete Palms

Life is driven by purpose and a passion to achieve. From childhood to adulthood, we encounter unfathomable adversities that shape who we are. We are hardened through experiences and learn from our mistakes. We gain courage under fire and are equipped with tools for life that allow us to take aim at unbreakable boundaries that were not meant to be broken. However, as humans, we are not designed to navigate life alone. “It takes a village”, as my grandmother would say, to raise a child, and it takes a nation to inspire mankind. Along this journey of life, I have witnessed all of the above, and I have been encouraged to take the path not often taken. This has inspired me to want to be a part of or create something of value that would have a lasting impact on society and serve as an instrument for the legacy of the future.

As the world turns, I’ve seen that one of the most influential aspects of life is in our health. Health bends to living a longer fulfilled life, and prioritizing fitness is the stimulant to that end. Thus, Konnetic was born as a necessity to energize how we get there together. Konnetic is a reflection of my life, defined by connecting positive energy, momentum, and an innate desire to achieve superior results. It is my absolute pleasure to have created this just for you and a community of people who aspire to make healthy living a lifestyle.

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